About Silex Grill

Silex Elektrogerate GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1924 and has been developing the SILEX High Speed Grill Systems for over 35 years.

Silex was introduced to Australia in 1983 to supply and educate Australia’s leading hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes and even the domestic market with Germany’s technologically advanced ‘Silex High Speed Grill Systems’.

From the beginning, quality and productivity were the reason why more and more often the grill systems, found their way into the kitchens of the catering industry where they soon became indispensable.

The development of these unique high speed systems for the catering industry was the result of a consistent adaptation to the changing behaviour in consumption and lifestyle. Over the years, Silex have revolutionised the concept of contact cooking with a range of grills, waffle bakers and snack concepts suitable for any kitchen.